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Pre-order for Christmas

Can I pre-order a bottle garden as a Christmas present?

Yes, our Flaschengarten DIY sets can already be pre-ordered for Christmas in our online shop!

In this blog post, we explain how it all works and what you have to consider!

On our website you can simply choose the bottle garden that you would like to give your loved ones for Christmas. You then go through the normal ordering process with the exception - and this is it very important - that when you place your order, you state in the "Special Notes to Seller" comment field that the order is for Christmas.

It is sufficient, as shown in the picture, if you write “Christmas” as the keyword in the comment field.

We will then reserve this bottle garden for you and will send it out in good time so that it reaches you or the desired recipient shortly before Christmas!   


How long will the plants survive in the package?

We will send your package on time to make sure it gets to you before Christmas. If it gets to you a few days early, you're probably wondering what's the best way to ensure the plants are healthy when you give them away.

We send the mini plants and the moss in small transparent bags. These are in an extra box when shipping to protect the plants. When receiving the package, the plants should be taken out of the package box and placed in a bright place to allow photosynthesis to work. In this way, the plants can easily be stored in the bags for up to 14 days. As a result, the required moisture is also well preserved.

It is important that the plants are not in direct sunlight, otherwise they will burn.

Then you can simply put everything back in the box and make your loved ones very happy with the bottle garden DIY set!

We wish you lots of fun giving presents and a merry Christmas!



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