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packaging design

To ensure that Flaschengarten DIY sets reach our customers safely, we use an innovative packaging system.

With the packaging specially adapted to our products, the glass of the Flaschengarten is optimally protected, so that glass breakage during shipping can be prevented as best as possible. 


The special thing about our packaging are two cardboard elements. The membrane stretched between these elements is particularly elastic and therefore very adaptable.

Therefore we can use the packaging system for different glass shapes.



The glass is placed between the two packaging elements. In this way, a tension can be built up that keeps the glass in position during transport. 



Clamped between the packaging elements, the glass is placed in the shipping carton. The material set for the bottle garden is located at the bottom of the packaging in an extra box. The volume of the shipping carton is optimally used to prevent the goods from slipping inside the carton. 


Our plants are either packed in small bags directly in the jar or, depending on the size of the jar, in another extra box. By packing the plants in the bags, we ensure that the moisture is well maintained during transport and that the plants reach our customers fresh. 



Since it is particularly important to us to act in an environmentally friendly manner in all areas of our company, we also pay attention to sustainability in our packaging and select our materials in such a way that they can be recycled and reused. While the shipping box is made from recycled paper, the plastic bags for plants and supplies are made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE). PE is a thermoplastic and can be recycled infinitely. It contains no plasticizers and consists of 100% carbon and hydrogen. No toxic gases and no toxic waste water are produced during the production of PE. 


You too can contribute to the topic of sustainability by ensuring the correct disposal of the packaging. The recycled paper is disposed of in the blue paper bin, while the plastic bags must be disposed of separately in the yellow recycling bin. 




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packaging and shipping

We use innovative ecological packaging and ship orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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