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What should I consider when using a bottle garden? We provide care instructions for a perfect ecosystem

The Flaschengarten is constantly evolving and reacts to external operations. Just watch the light conditions and condensation inside the bottle garden. The ideal condition is reached in the morning when the lens is slightly fogged up on one side and the other sides are clear. The fog should recede during the day. 


If the moss loses color and one side no longer mists up in the morning, that's a sign the bottle garden needs water. Add 50-100ml of water. After about 2 to 3 days, the moisture is evenly distributed in the soil. Then open the jar again for about 24 hours until the surface moisture has evaporated. Repeat this process until the glass no longer fogs up during the day. A light mist in the morning is normal and shows that the biotope is working well. It is best to use lime-free water (mineral or rainwater). As a rule, the bottle garden should be watered 1-2 times a year.


Please note that the bottle garden must be in a bright place with a room temperature that is as constant as possible and not in direct sunlight. The north or east window is ideal.


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