Mit jedem verkauften Flaschengarten pflanzen wir einen Baum - GREENERY living

With every bottle garden sold, we plant a tree

Mit jedem verkauften Flaschengarten pflanzen wir einen Baum - GREENERY living

At GREENERY living, we fundamentally stand for sustainability as well as social and ecological compatibility by nature. But we want to do more. And above all, we would like to get you on board! Simply because we know that climate change doesn't leave you cold any more than we do. That is why we have a cooperation with Ecologi started, about which we would like to tell a little more at this point.


What exactly is Ecologi and what do they do? 

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Ecologi is an environmental protection collective founded in Bristol that supports people and companies in coping with the global climate catastrophe by financing reforestation, among other things.

In addition, is Ecologi but still active in other important environmental projects around the world, such as the development of solar and wind energy in India and Turkey, the protection of the Amazon region in Peru or the repair of water boreholes in Malawi.

To clarify, maybe a few more figures: Just one year after it was founded, the young environmental protection organization already has over 2,000,000 Mangrove trees in Madagascar planted. In addition, another 126,000 pieces for one Reforestation campaign in Kijabe, Kenya. But there are also planting projects that Ecologi is realizing in the USA, Australia and Scotland.


What your new bottle garden has to do with trees

Quite simply: by working with Ecologi we can donate a tree for every bottle garden sold. So if you treat yourself to a bottle garden from us, you are also making sure that a new tree is planted. Are bottle gardens now saving the climate? No of course not. But the point is that we use and support meaningful measures that are offered to us. In any case, we think the tree project and the many other Ecologi projects are pretty great and are happy that we can contribute a part with you.


Why trees are so important for our climate


Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash


Trees are super-efficient, natural and inexpensive climate regulators. They clean the air by absorbing CO2 and other greenhouse gases and binding them in the long term. In the tropics in particular, trees can remove a particularly large amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and thus relieve the climate. At the same time, however, they also produce large amounts of oxygen, regulate precipitation and are involved in cloud formation - which in turn contributes to the cooling of the earth. So we can't have enough of trees! 

Greenery Living's nursery is growing and thriving

Ecologi works very transparently so that you can see at any time how the nursery of GREENERY living is growing and flourishing. Would you like to know how many trees have already been planted on our behalf? Here you can see our forest "live".

PS: If you would like to support the tree project independently from us, you are also welcome to do that. Ecologi also offers memberships for individuals or families.

If you want to learn more about Ecologi: 


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