Wie funktioniert ein Flaschengarten und warum muss man kaum gießen?

How does a bottle garden work and why does one hardly have to water?

Wie funktioniert ein Flaschengarten und warum muss man kaum gießen?

 What is a bottle garden?

A bottle garden is a miniature garden in a closed glass vessel that you hardly have to worry about. The real plants and composite materials create a small ecosystem modeled on nature. Due to the closed circuit and photosynthesis, the biotope only needs to be watered every 3 to 6 months. Such a small garden is definitely an eye-catcher in the home or office!


Advantages of the bottle garden:

  • As a closed biotope it hardly / does not have to be watered.
  • The plants no longer dry out because the moisture is retained under the bell jar.
  • Pets cannot bare the plants.
  • Once the system has been run in, it is low-maintenance and stable for many months.

    How does the bottle garden work?

    The moisture is retained in the glass and is used again and again. A closed water cycle is created.


    Water evaporates from the leaves of the plants. 


    Moisture condenses on the glass.


    The condensed water runs back to the ground, similar to the rain in nature.


    The roots absorb the water present in the soil.


    At night the plants produce CO2. During the day they photosynthesize with sufficient light and convert the CO2 to O2 (oxygen). A closed gas cycle is also created.


    For whom especially suitable

    • People without green fingers / casting muffle

    • Consultants who are rarely at home


    •Hotel room

    People who love plants


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