Pflegehinweise bei Problemen

Care instructions in case of problems

Pflegehinweise bei Problemen

Fogging on the glass and mold growth

Too high humidity or excessive fogging of the glass vessel unfortunately promotes mold growth. This often occurs in the following conditions:

  • The sun is shining on the glass (even if it's only a short 5 minutes)

  • There are strong temperature fluctuations (e.g. the window is open at night)

  • A convection heater heats one side of the glass, while the other faces the cold window

  • The temperature in the room is too high. 

The tree is losing leaves

If the tree loses leaves, it is probably because the lighting conditions are not yet optimal.

If the plants are not bright enough and it is too dark for photosynthesis, the plants lose leaves and then gradually die. Usually, mold then also forms on parts of the plant. If the apartment is not bright enough, a lamp could provide additional light.

If necessary, set up the bottle garden in a different location. If the conditions are right again, the plants will sprout again.

But even with the problems described below, the plant can react by shedding leaves.


Mold has formed

In the first time after setting up the bottle garden, white or gray mold can appear. This is a sign that the bottle garden has not yet set in. Remove the mold with a cloth and place it in a bright place. The light removes the mold residue in a natural way.


Animals can be found in the bottle garden

The small animals were probably smuggled into the bottle garden as larvae or eggs. 


You are also welcome to send us photos by email, then we will look together at how best to act in your situation.


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