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Care instructions for problems in the bottle garden

What should I consider if there are problems in the bottle garden?

The bottle garden is a biological system that reacts to internal and external influences. From time to time it can happen that the balance gets upset. If this happens, action must be taken. On the following pages we have described the tips and tricks for solving the most common problems, so that you can enjoy your bottle garden for a long time.

The glass of my bottle garden still fogs up after airing it several times. What should I do?

After setting up or after a pouring process, a lot of moisture can collect on the glass wall.
Then the bottle garden should be opened for about 24 hours so that the superficial moisture can drain off. This drying process may be necessary 3-4 times in a row until a stable condition is reached. After that, the glass should fog up slightly in the morning and evening. Excessive fogging can occur in the following conditions:
  • The sun shines on the glass; even if it's only 5 minutes.
  • There are strong temperature fluctuations, e.g. B. because the window is open.
  • A convection heater heats one side of the glass while the other faces the cold window.
  • The temperature in the room is too high (above 27 degrees) or too low (below 18 degrees).
If one of the points applies, try a different location for the bottle garden. Open it for 24 hours and give the bottle garden about a week to get used to a new location.

The moss has dried up. What am I doing?

The moss is a good indicator of a lack of water. If the moss loses color and the glass is no longer fogged up in the morning, this is a sign that the bottle garden needs water. As soon as the moss becomes wet again, it reactivates and regains its green colour.

The plant loses leaves. Why is this happening?

If the leaves turn yellow first, it can either be too dry or too wet. If the leaves are shed in a green state, the plant is in a struggle for survival. Either she still has to get used to the new environment or the location and the conditions are not ideal. Often the cause is a location that is too dark. A change of location or additional lighting with an LED lamp for about 8 to 12 hours would help here.

I have animal roommates in the bottle garden. Should I remove them?

Animal roommates often come to the bottle garden in the larvae stage. There are z. B. fruit flies, mosquitoes or earthworms are completely harmless and do not have to be removed. Snails, aphids and mealybugs, on the other hand, can damage the plants.
A biologically based pesticide, which is available in any well-stocked hardware store or plant center, can help here. After the treatment, the jar should be left open for a few hours. Check after three to four days if further treatment is necessary.

The plants touch the lid of the bottle garden. can i cut them off

If it gets too narrow in the glass and the leaves are lying against the glass, they can be cut back just above a leaf base. Then simply keep the jar open for 24 hours to allow the wounds to heal. 

My plants have a white coating. is it mold

Unfortunately, too much moisture promotes the formation of mold and should be avoided. The ideal condition is reached in the morning when the lens is slightly fogged up on one side and the other sides are clear. The fog should recede during the day. If the Flaschengarten is in a new location, it needs about a week to adapt. So be patient and give the bottle garden time to get used to the new place.
Mold is often a sign that it is too dark and possibly too humid. Put the bottle garden in a brighter spot and air it out a bit to dry. Remove the mold with a cloth as soon as possible. If a plant is overgrown with mold, remove it before the mold spreads to other plants.


  • Ich Hose voll mit braun

    Posted by Dein Vater am
  • Mein Gartenglas ist hingefallen und nun wird es ganz braun an einer Stelle

    Posted by Karin-Maria Schäfer am
  • Mein Gartenglas ist hingefallen und nun wird es ganz braun an einer Stelle

    Posted by Karin-Maria Schäfer am
  • You haben kleine cock

    Posted by gesrsgsdf am
  • Hallo, bei mir im Glas wachsen richtige Pilze und weiße Gräser die aussehen als wären sie pelzig, ist das normal?

    Posted by Lisa am
  • In meinem Flaschengarten vertrocknet das Moos, aber es ist trotzdem Schimmel vorhanden. Er steht am Fenster, aber außer morgens eine Stunde oder so, nicht im direkten Sonnenlicht.

    Ist es jetzt zu feucht oder zu trocken?

    Posted by Ziska am
  • Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    Ich habe meinen Garten gerade erst als Geschenk bekommen und sofort ausprobiert.
    Leider sind die Pflanzen sofort kaputt gegangen, bis auf den moos. Wie kann ich den Garten „widerbeleben“ oder ist es möglich neue Pflanzen einzusetzen?
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

    Joanna Hüttl

    Posted by Joanna Hüttl am
  • Hallo, ich habe alles befolgt wie in der Anleitung. Leider ist mein bäumchen schon halb vereckt und die blätter der großen pflanze auch schon fast am sterben

    Posted by Joanna Hüttl am
  • In meinem Glas sind viele kleine weiße Kügelchen. Oberhalb der Erde aber auch unter der Erde am Flaschenrand. Sieht aus wie Schimmel und Eier. Komische Nummer. Gibts da Erfahrungen?

    Posted by Paul Felix Hoffmann am


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