Got a dark corner where real plants can't survive?

Then try our dried flowers as an alternative. Choose the most beautiful and easily put together your own bouquet.

Create wow effects with dried flowers

Have your favorite dried flowers been selected, ordered and arrived? Then lay the dried flowers neatly on the table and try out different styles.

Construction z. B. a base with the sturdy stems and gradually insert the thinner stems. At the end, place the eye-catchers present and place the bouquet in your favorite corner.

Wow looks are guaranteed!

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Elegance in the long term

You can't go wrong with a plain colored bouquet. Incidentally, this also works impressively as a wreath! Take a look at our DIY instructions!

Strong colors

Especially minimalist rooms or the entrance area are perfect for a dried bouquet of flowers with strong colors! Our tip: Choose a main color and mix it with green and neutral tones and different structures.

Trockenblumen Phalaris grün natur

Forever in bloom

Stylish and timeless: dried flowers under the bell! Here they are well protected from external influences and remain beautiful forever. An eye-catcher - whether on the console or the coffee table! Simply put the flowers in a jar and place on a tray. Finished!

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