It is clear to us that “green thinking” is very important. We have therefore drawn up a sustainability concept and regularly question other points. Our ecological footprint should not only be small, but also positive.


For every bottle garden sold, we plant a tree.

Through our partner organization Ecologi, we help with the reforestation of various tree projects across our planet. You can do our commitment here follow live. You can find more information in our Blog post.


Our plants

When choosing the Breeders we didn't just go after the quality, but also how sustainable the operation of the Breeders to be led. Our plants come from certified breeders with sustainable ecological cultivation (MPS A +, MPS GAP, MPS SQ, MPS ECAS) who deal responsibly with people and the environment.



We made a conscious decision to use DHL and send our products CO2-neutral with DHL GoGreen.


Our packaging

We use safe, environmentally friendly and innovative packaging that can be optimally recycled or composted. We use natural or recycled paper with FSC ™ certification for the print products.

Shipping box

Our shipping box is made of recycled paper and belongs to the recycling in the blue paper bin. 

Bubble wrap

Our bubble wrap is made of potato starch and can actually be disposed of in the brown organic waste bin. In contact with water, the decomposition and rotting process begins after approx. 50 days.

Plastic bags

Our plants are kept moist by a “freshness bag” during transport. Our plastic bags for plants and material are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and belong in the yellow recycling bin. PE is a thermoplastic and can be recycled indefinitely. PE does not contain any plasticizers and consists of 100% carbon and hydrogen. The production of PE does not produce any toxic gases or toxic waste water.


Our products


With the exception of our JAR series, all glasses come from a family-run glass manufacturer and are handmade from recycled glass.


With the new CERA series, too, it was important to us to keep the path to production as short as possible. That is why we decided on a ceramic factory with a long tradition from Brandenburg, where the ceramic bowls are made by hand.


Our office

Our headquarters in Berlin are heated in a climate-neutral way using a combination of geothermal energy and green electricity.



Do you have any questions about our sustainability concept? Send an email to info (at)