Hilfe zur Auswahl der Minipflanzen

Help with choosing the mini plants

Hilfe zur Auswahl der Minipflanzen

Still not sure which plants in the bottle garden are best for you?

We would be happy to help you by briefly introducing each mini plant to make your choice easier.

Ficus Ginseng / Bonsai sapling

The Bonsai Ficus Ginseng is a real eye-catcher! Above all, the beautiful aerial roots catch the eye. Whether for your home or office, the bonsai fits in perfectly.


Coffea arabica / coffee plant

This plant is clearly one of our favorites! It is very robust and the leaves are lush green and shiny! The coffee plant develops ideally in the tropical climate of the terrarium. And if you are patient, in 10-20 years it can flower and you can harvest the coffee beans!


Polyscias filicifolia / Fiederaralie

The bottle gardens with Fiederaralie are among our bestsellers. The trunk of the Fiederaralie is smooth and woody. Many shoots and branches arise from each knot. It has a light and elegant style and really enchants everyone!


Chamaedorea elegans / Mexican Mountain Palm

The most popular indoor palm ever! The bottle garden climate is perfect for the mountain palm and the tropical plant develops optimally under these conditions. She always looks good and is very undemanding.


Fittonia red  & white / red & white mosaic plant

This beautiful mosaic plant, originally from Peru, is one of the rare plants and is therefore in great demand. The marbled green / red or green / white leaves make every plant lover's heart beat faster. 


Pole moss

This survivor does not have high standards and is suitable for everyone. Bottle garden gives the moss a sign when it is time to water again. The rootless land plant is a gift from nature to those who occasionally forget to water. Even if the moss has dried out completely, it will turn green again as soon as it is soaked in the water.


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